September 22nd, 2009


nubby dread

so i've had this oddly shaped dread at the back of my head since i started this set, the dread was basically an 'L' shape for as long as i can remember. while i was feeling around my head the other day i noticed that the dread had rounded itself off by folding in half and dreading itself. so now i have a nice short fat rounded dread at the back of my head :) but this also got me thinking, for those of you who have let their tips dread naturally, did the tips just eventually eat themselves or did your dread just kind of fold itself like mine? haha

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Three "generations" of dreadheads-my friend started mine, and then together we started a friends. His are probably 3 1/2 years(his third or fourth set), mine are almost 3, and our friend's were started in March or April. Mine are kinda groomed, but I haven't done anything to them in a year, probably, and the other two sets were started and then left to their own devices!
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ps anyone in Halifax, Nova Scotia who does maintenance?

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hello! it's been eight months already!
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also i need a new job pretty bad, and so far no one will hire me. i'm pretty sure it's the hair :(.
i really need to work in retail, because as a fashion merchandising major, I have to have an internship.
do you know of any companies that don't participate in hair discrimination?