September 23rd, 2009

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Dear GUDU, there are dead beetle parts in my hair...

... no, that was not a call for help. But I'm getting to that part later. :P

So, it's been around a month and a half since I posted here last, which would make most of my dreads around two months old, except for the few around my neck and behind my ears that are older. They seem to be coming along pretty nicely. Of course, they're still frizzy as hell, loopy and with rather loose tips, but hay, that's part of the charm. I'm just keeping them clean and separated, and enjoying their antics.

Since then, I've started my education, which is rather tiring but also so much fun that I have a hard time grasping that I'm really going to university. University isn't supposed to be fun, is it?
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And now a few more more recent pictures, and the beetle thing. See, morfeusz gave me these beetle neck shields that I hadn't figured out a use for -- they're pretty as hell, but a bit oddly shaped. Then, when I was preparing to go out on International Talk like a Pirate Day this Saturday, I thought to try putting some of them on one of my dreads. Collapse )

There are at least two other dreadheads of note around campus; both sporting older and quite long sets of dreads. I would be madly envious, but it mostly just fills me with anticipation. *grin*
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missing peachy pie

you just look a lot like me

My sister has been working on my dreads since August 7, my birthday. My first set--back before I joined the Navy--only took her three days. Now I'm out of the military, and my sister has a 2-year-old daughter and is going to med school. Both of us being inherently lazy, this set still isn't done yet. But what's done is good, and it has become our routine at the end of the night to put on Malcolm In The Middle reruns and for her to palm-roll, tighten, and add dreads. This set is different than the first also because I left my fringe/bangs undreaded, and the dreads have been going curly on the ends this time. It's neat.

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six weeks!

hellooo! i'm Janet, from Boston, i posted like a month ago... so i've been meaning to update y'all on my dreads but i've been real busy and also they are progressing slowly (which isn't a bad thing, just stating a fact) and therefore all the pictures look the same. BUT here are some pictures for you lovely folks :)

about 2 weeks
Photo 481
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anyway i hope you're all having a fantastic day! :)