September 24th, 2009

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working up a sweat

I've been dreaded for 18 days now & I'm loving it... I also joined the gym two days ago.

Whislt working out I sweat alot - and my worry is - I don't want to be washing my dreads too frequently as I'm finding it hard to dry them.
For instance - I showered last night, wrapped my hair in a towel, slept on a towel and still woke up with slightly damp dreads (though I have no heating in the house so that doesnt help).

I've read through the memories about washing, swimming etc and I hope I'm not repeating a question that I should have come across the answer to (point me in the right direction if so!) but...

Do any active dreadheads have any problems with not washing their hair after each workout - and are there any tips to making sure they're thoroughly dry afterwards? I don't own a hairdryer - but I'm thinking it may be a good investment. I'm just worried that sweating & not washing will cause some scalp problems.

Thanks gudu for letting me ask simple questions

sea gyspy

i'm a natural blue . . .

I'm dying my dyed black bangs blue.
Any tips on colour removal and such so
i don't wind up with a green?
i attempted a "color lifter" last time
but that didn't seem to do a thing.

some of my dreads which i've bleached before
don't hold black dye very well.
They come out blondish ( a very yuck blond )
after just one or maybe two washes.

i only wash my hair like once a month or something like that.
any tips on improving the staying power?

Need Dreads So Bad...

Hey there, hope its okay to post this here.

I desperately need someone to help give me dreads. Someone with experience in sectioning and on how to make them. I live in the Detroit metro area and I'm willing to pay for the services. I've talked to a few salons and they all want $500 hundred or more! While I realize its a tough job to section and back comb for hours on end, I can't imagine dropping half a thousand for hair knotted beyond I crazy?

If anyone out there can help me please reply.


<3 Christine
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BULGING_SOULS' vest inspired me to go dig up my leather from he depths of my closet, it'll be cold enough to wear daily any time now :| boooo winter! fall is nice though

anyways hopefully there's a few people out there who appreciate this, enjoy!


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