September 25th, 2009

out of time

stupid mistake

I was shaving my undercut and unknowingly cut the base to one of my dreads. I just found the damage this morning and it looks like that dread is barely hanging in there.

Not sure which others I've damaged (I thought I felt another thin one), but is the best thing to do just cut it, let my undercut grow out till I have more base to combine with the damaged section, and reattach?
Surprise kitty

Dread Nightmare!!

Today is my dreads 3 month birthday, and I think because I was thinking about that before I fell asleep I ended up having wacky dreams. I dreamed that I had fallen asleep at home, and when I woke up, someone had brushed out my dreads. 3 months worth of work, gone. I was too discouraged to try again too. My parents were like "Oh good, we love your curls!" and I was like "NO! NOT THE POINT!!!". I was so upset. Oh, and then I was dying my hair blond (mysteriously had dreads again), and I was having a really hard time of it, and made a friend help me. But that wasnt as bad as the first dream. I was devastated! Looks like these will be a part of my head for a while. Without further ado, here's a texture shot and they're 3 month picture. Oh, and Lish's advice about my antler dread worked perfectly, thank you very much.
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So I just recently joined this site its pretty cool and everyone is supper nice and it was started by a man who has had his lock for i think about 18 yrs!!! anywho if this isn't ok to post here just let me know or delete if its cool then go check it out peeps!! peace

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