September 27th, 2009


What to do... What to do...

Well, since I don't get much advice from the husband... other then the once stated "blond chicks with dreads are hot" and "do whatever you want"... I figure it couldn't hurt to ask here. I had posted before when I had attempted dreads... without reading the ever-so-helpful info here. They were horrible. But now I feel better after reading through the memories and am wondering if I should try agian. My question is simply for appearance. I want to dread the front of my hairstyle, leaving the bangs and spikey part alone. I have included some pictures to give an idea of my hair currently. Some of my questions are, does it seem too thin? Does the style seem... appropriate... I think would be the way to word it. I just want any feedback of any opinions. The good the bad and the ugly!
And if my cut doesn't work, I will fix asap!

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installation nearly complete

Sooo, after 6 months of deciding wether or not to get dreads done. I have been slowly putting them in one by one mainly using a combination of twist and rip + back combing. I never "professionally" sectioned my hair. I just took a guess and went for it! hah
Some are a few days old and some are about 4 months.  Im pretty happy with them so far, but i am still undecided about finishing my fringe and sides(bangs? - if your in the U.S? not sure lol).

one problem i am finding though, is that the ends unravel a little but and i keep having to twist and rip them to keep them locked. Also i have BAD split ends on the right side of my head and my hair pretty much breaks if you tug at it....hmmm.

so here are some before an afters =]

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another month has gone by

hello, hello.

i read your stories and oggle your pictures almost every day, but i rarely, rarely post. although i should probably be studying right now, i figure it is time for an update!

i've been really happy with my dreads lately. they're finally growing! but ...the idea of having short hair has been making me happy as well. it's not at all the time to cut them (or attempt a hawk, even) but oh how nice that would be! i'm very excited for the day that i take the plunge.

enough chit-chat, here are some photographs:


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