September 29th, 2009

by maddie

new dreads!

Hey, so I've been a member of this community for about a year, but have never commented/posted.

So I had dreads for about three weeks two summers ago (before I found this) and they sectioning was very bad and they were all different sizes because of it.

I was just at camp for a week without a hairbrush and I noticed that my hair was starting to dread by itself and so I let it do what it wanted. I've since done some palmrolling and rip & twisting to the ones that formed by themselves. I still don't know if I'll have a full head or just keep the few I've got.

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When I get back to my house in October(I'm staying with friends) I'll take some better picture with my DSRL.
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Wendy O

Hello hello

 I've had my dreads since January, and they've finally gotten past that evil baby phase. 
My hair was about breast length when I started them, and now it's barely touching my shoulders. 
I have really fine hair, and I think that's why I lost so much darn length. 

I've heard of people getting extensions and dreading them, and then fixing them to the ends of their dreads using many different implements, such as crochet hooks, etc.
I'm hoping to get a discussion going: has anyone here done this, or have any recommendation on how to do it, or if I should do it at all?

Here's me:

This was awhile ago, maybe May? They're much tighter and well-behaved now.

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