September 30th, 2009


so ive had my dreadlings for like 4 weeks now, i believe, my boyfriend was up at my school for a while and started them off for me. ive been taking care of them as best i can, but all i do is worry so i just dont know if im doing something wrong or whatever. they just dont look like dreads, i know theres an "evil awkward stage" that all this is???

sorry i know the pictures are kinda crappy..

21 month update

Hi all, here's a quick update on the dreads I started in January '08. They're starting to look really mature (considering most were formed the "natural" way) and although I haven't grown much length, I'm looking forward to that happening in the next year.

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I've seen a lot of people getting really frustrated lately over messy hair in the first few weeks/months, so I thought I could offer some encouragement from someone whose head looked like a giant nest for almost a year. :)