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bubbles [01 Oct 2009|02:32am]
pics by Alexandr Bratec

nice to see you all again! here I am with a new set of pics, a piece of summer for everybody who is starting to miss it)
my dreads are 2.5 years now, maid with extensions, maitained with crochet)

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mod post for your benefit [01 Oct 2009|10:15am]
hey all. i've made a tinyurl for the memories.


much easier to type out that having to find the long stupid link with a question mark in it. you may all link to your little hearts' content.
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the great bearded dreaded one [01 Oct 2009|03:53pm]
scary i know
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two months old [01 Oct 2009|06:20pm]
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i got a new tattoo to match my new hair


it still needs a lot of color but it's well on its way

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21 months and still chuffed [01 Oct 2009|07:29pm]
ayup. just a quick update...

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just passed 4 months! [and welcome to college] [01 Oct 2009|09:04pm]
Hi guys! I posted a long time ago, but I've been looking at all your photos and feel inspired to make a timeline, of sorts. I've only had my dreads for about 4 months, so bear with me. 

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