October 2nd, 2009

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oh for fuck's sake

An intensive two-day curriculum taught by Knotty Boy Stylist Trainers will educate students in everything needed for professional Knotty Boy Method Dreadlock Creation and Ongoing Maintenance, as well as Dreadlock Repair, Extension, Modification, and Removal. Knotty Boy Product education will also be covered. Certificates of Completion will be awarded at the end of Day 2.

2 Day Course - incl. 16 hours of training + materials ($125 value)

3 Day Course - incl. 22 hours of training + materials ($125 value)

way to go, knottyboy. i'm so glad you've found another way to rip off the world & make disgusting, waxy, stinky dreads. thanks for fostering the stereotype, you fucking hacks.

Fire Hooping and Dreads!

Hey! faeryechos recently made an awesome post with a shot of her hula hooping. If you remember me at all, you'll remember that I freakin love hooping. I've been practicing a lot and moved on to fire hooping! Woot!

So here is a video of me with my fire hoop, rocking out to some Detroit Cobras:

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my mom never warned me about the dangers of playing with scissors.

i last posted in 2008 when i cut my second set of dreads. do any of you remember this:

Their history and my not quite two week old dreads are under the cut:
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synopsis: i started a set of dreads in 2006, cut them 2008. successfully fried my hair playing with colors. started super huge nubbly dreads on my head, left some brushable (some of which is now dreading by itself), and gave myself an undercut. i had a fever, and was frustrated with fighting the matted mess that is my hair.
horn-rimmed glasses

first post :D

Hello everyone!

I've been lurking here for quite a while after deciding to get dreads and I must say this community has been so helpful. (Thanks Lish for being such an awesome mod! :D ) I'm proud to announce that I've finally begun my first set! They are already two weeks old; I haven't gotten the chance to post until now.

I've always liked dread locks but never knew much about them, like most people. I'd thought about getting dread locks once when I was still a teenager, but only as nothing more than a fashion statement (I was very naive back then...). But now I decided to get them as my own little way to combat society's ideals of beauty and perfect hair. Plus, I really don't need to be worrying about styling my hair every morning- dreads will be so much easier, so that's always a plus.

My parents didn't like the idea of me getting dread locks and still don't like them even now. Not that their opinions matter to me, but it kind of bugs me when they voice their opinions because I know all their dislike for dreads stems from the stereotypes that go along with them. That being said, I wasn't sure how everyone else around me would react. But so far, I've gotten some surprisingly positive feedback from my friends and family.

All that aside, I am really very excited to finally be a dread-head!

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