October 4th, 2009

poke the peguin!!!

It's been a little while!

Well, not really. Just under a month or so. I went to the hospital for a little while to have a cyst drained from my lower back. It was pushing up against the base of my spine and causing a lot of pain so I've been busy with that and then trying to catchup in school after that...

But I feel like at just about 11 monthsmy dreads have made a lot of progress!

This is when they were all new babiesss.

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i want dreads bad but my hair only goes to my shoulders
i had them in for a day once but my mothe made me comb them out
because of a wedding.
im worried about shrinking =/

p.s please bare with me i dont know much about dreads

Dreadie help in Chicago

Hello there! I have been a member of this group for a few years now, but just started my dread journey 4 months ago. *sigh* It hasnt been a very pleasant journey thus far. I guess I should start at the beginning.

4 months ago I asked a friend of mine to help with the dread process. She said she had done it before...I trusted her word. Well, she just didnt do a very good job. She never box sectioned my hair. She just grabbed pieces of hair and started backcombing (or doing what she concidered backcombing is.) Now they are just lumpy, loopy clumps of hair. I know that I may just be overreacting and maybe they look exactly like theyre supposed to at 4 months...but I dont think so.

So the reason I am posting is because I am looking for a kind soul in Chicago who could help stear me in the right direction with the dreadies...help me to fix them up. I dont have much in the way of money, but I will give what i can.

Thanks for readin' and thanks in advance for the help!

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