October 6th, 2009

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The End of an Era

Warning, pic heavy!

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I will miss my dreadlocks terribly as I really loved them, but it was just time.

I have just qualified as a nurse and luckily managed to walk into my dream job a a cognitive behavioural therapist (yay!) I was hired with dreadlocks and my boss did not mind them at all. I decided to take them out as the therapy I will be delivering is short term and intensive, and I do not want anything acting as a barrier to building a therapeutic relationship with my patients.

I know we are all supposed to be fighting dreddie stereotypes, and I think me having dreads in such a professional position would be a good statement to have made, but my patients come first to me. I know people shouldn't judge, but they do, and I need people with depression to be able to trust me completely in a very short space of time. A 60 year old lady who has never been in contact with dreadlocks who believes they all do drugs and steal cars is going to find that very difficult. I just believed it would make my job easier and essentially make me a better therapist. The tables are turning, but they haven't turned completely...

So I am leaving it all up to you beautiful folk to challenge the stereotypes!

It wasn't the only reason to be honest. They were getting hella long and heavy, and washing them was starting to be a pain in the butt. I tell you what though, sleeping the first night without them was sooooo fucking comfortable! :D
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Bye bye love, bye bye dreadiness.

Warning, this post is not full of pictures, and it is not a question, it is just a dread-related schpiel.  Please schpiel below, if you can relate.

My oldest couple of dreads will be 2 years old this month. The rest of my head will soon follow suit.  This will be the third winter that i can't wear most winter hats. And I will have to plan carefully when i wash my hair, so that my dreads don't freeze into icicles.  This was the second summer that i couldn't find a bike helmet to fit properly, even with the overeager help of the staff at Paragon Sporting Goods.

Recently, i've moved to a different neighborhood. This is the first time that i feel i can walk down the street, or into a shop, and not feel negatively judged because of my appearance.  There are more dreadlocked heads than not. There are very strong caribbean and west african populations in this community. My old neighborhood was very 'preppy,' full of young families and bagel shops and boutiques.  People there tried their best not to look, or not to let their kids comment too loudly. In this neighborhood, though, people pass me on the street and say, 'i like your locks.' 

Some of us, maybe many of us, have a love-hate relationship with our dreads. I am feeling the tug in both directions very strongly these days. I go from weeks of careful and loving maintenance, to frustrated calls to friends in beauty school.

What are your love/hate hair days like?

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I have been meaning to post here for ages...but never got round to it..i have loads of pics somewhere of them being made, i will have to dig them out...but i wanted to do the hello kind of post...sooo

....2 months (ish)
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