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I'm new! [09 Oct 2009|02:14pm]
Hi, everyone..my name is Michelle and this is my second set of dreads. They're 5 months old and honestly, when I started them, I half-ass backcombed them and just let them go, knowing that they would eventually do their thing. I'm really pleased with them so far and can't wait to see how they mature..I had my first set for a year and a half but have very little to show for it :/ This time around, I plan on documenting my progress :D

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Who knew palm rolling actually worked? [09 Oct 2009|09:17pm]
(Sarcasm) I haven't palm rolled in months and tonight I did, just for the hell of it. And what do you know, my dreads look and feel a lot different. That will teach me to be lazy. Anyway, some clean, freshly palm rolled dreads under the cut. I also took some trinkets out, the nicer ones will be put back in. They got a little bit out of control for a bit there. Ha.


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trying to learn this [09 Oct 2009|10:24pm]

  i'm @ nine months

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update [09 Oct 2009|11:22pm]
Well, I went on a 7 hour bus ride with one of my friends and went to another week of camp and now I only have two or three left to make.

cutting my friend's hair

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they're 10 days old today, I'm so stoked about them maturing!
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