October 10th, 2009

beads are baaaaaad

Today i took out some of the beads that i put in my dreads when i first started them... i did read in the memories that they were bad for newly forming dreads but i did not heed that advice and that was bad on my behalf. Now i'm paying the price as i have weak spots that have turned black because the beads were metal and i use henna in my hair.

SO PLEASE LISTEN those who think it won't cause as much damage as people say. I have now learned my lesson.

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1 year and 2 months

they turned 14 months old this month and finally stopped shrinking and starting to see small signs of growth. I gave them a deep clean yesterday for the first time in about 6 months yesterday the water wasnt as dirty as i thought itd be but they feel alot cleaner.Also was my 18th last month so everythings been pretty peachy here except a few of them have very hard spots in them like small round knots and the hair below and above the hard spot makes me worried that it might break cause it seems to make little weak spots and the top and bottom of the knot any ideas?
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i couldnt find this in any of the shampoo/washing memories, unless im blind so;

how old do my dreads need to be before i can wash them?

i have some that are almost a month old and some that are only a day or two old. and i use dr. bronners lavender stuff.

thanks, guys. =]
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three weeks on sunday.

thanks for all the warm welcomes last post. :) it's all very encouraging.

my hair has settled down alot in the past week. i also have a fair bit of natural dreadish/matting stuff going on. a few of the ones at the back are connected at the root, but i don't think i'm going to rip it anytime soon.
last wash was a week before pictures were taken.

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I'm still putting my dreads in, I have been for the past two/three weeks (slowly but surely!). The only thing my mom hates is how much time I spend working on them. Actually, I think she thinks they're pretty cool. My dad isn't as open minded but he doesn't seem to mind so much. He helped me section part of it, but otherwise he hasn't said much about them. I didn't have to ask permission or anything, I did however ask my mom what she thought about me getting them (since I'm only 14). I don't go to school (unschooled) so that wasn't a concern, but we decided that people would think some of the following:

That I am a pot head (obvious one)
That I am just doing it to be cool or stand out
That I out of control/my parents dont give a shit (especially because I plan to pierce my nose)

Also we talked about having people judge me. Its nice that i dont have to worry about that in my social group, most of the people have green mohawks and such, or wish they do). So I guess I'm generally pretty lucky.

(Also the guy who works at my local music store thinks they're awesome, he's really cute!)

So, I've been thinking about people thinking about me being out of control. That got me thinking, how young do you guys think is to young? And what would you first think if you saw me on the street?
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two year old nefertiti bun

hi kids. gorthok & i just got back from skydiving & then having a fantastic meal at the 5 spot. i couldn't take my camera on the plane with us, but i do have some new pics to post from the past week.

my dreads turn two years at the end of october. i was inspired by this post by __lix to try using one of my wraps to make a giant nefertiti bun (so termed for obvious reasons). i was pleased with the results! & it's much more comfortable to wear than a high ponytail.

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my last post is here if you want to see the length & such. & the jewelry in my lobes is these. :)