October 15th, 2009


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hi community :)
this is a post about many things.

first, i've got some orange acrylic paint stuck in my dreads, it's been almost a month now, and it just won't come out! you can see it in the picture there Collapse ) did this happen to anyone else here? how much time did it take to come out?

also, i made dreadlocks to a friend about a month ago, and i took pictures... this is when they were about two weeks old, when he came for maintenance and i figured out how to use a crochet hook. sadly i don't have a 'before' picture... Collapse )
and this is when he came last week and we shaved the sides to make a dreakhawk. Collapse )

he also has this Collapse ) that he wants to fet rid of, it's not just a loop, it happened because of the one dread that he naturally had in his hair did this crazy bump thing... now i've combined it with another dread, but the bump bothers him still. now i'm looking for what to do, he wanted to pass the scissors into it and cut it out a bit, but i told him i'll get informed before he tries anything, because that didn't seem like such a good idea. of course i'll read the memories, which i have not done yet on that subject, but if you've got something to share about this, do it :)

well, i hope all those lj-cuts work out as they are supposed to :)
good night, good morning, good day, gudu! :)

I started my friend's dreads a month ago

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures the night we did them because I was in a somewhat bum-rush doing them at 11 at night when I had to be up at 5:30 the next morning HA.
Sorry for bad cellphone pictures, but they are in Canada now (they came down to visit) and I am in Salt Lake.  He was growing out an undercut, and so not all of his hair is dreaded :( I am hoping that when I go down this winter that we can start atleast some of them.
I parted his dread-able hair in a brick-lay style so he wouldnt have lines down his head.  lol thats what I get for never having forced dreads into someone's hair :p
The sections in width are about 1 1/4" to 1 1/2"
Anyways I will stop blah blahing at you and show you what pictures he sent

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a bit over one month old

 My dreads are a little over one month old, one month was last saturday. They don't really look like dreads yet, but I swear they're there. Tons of loose hair, especially at the back of my neck but I don't really care. They all have loose ends, and some of them only have about an inch of actually dreaded hair, but it's at the root so I'm not too worried. Sadly I have thin hair, so I don't have many dreads (20ish?) and they look really flat against my head sometimes. I love them anyway.

My apologies for the crap webcam pics.

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poke the peguin!!!

Maybe you guys will know.

So... I have this fish vertebrae that my friend gave me. Here's a closeup picture of it.

I want it on one of my dreads! but I need to do 3 things first.

1. make it not smell.
2. make it not pointy.
3. make it have a hole in the middle.

Any one got any suggestions? I checked the memories for cleaning bones, just for shits and giggles, but I didn't find anything. Help?