October 16th, 2009


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It was raining yesterday and my shoes got soaked. Can't leave the house until they dry. What to do....I know -- post to gudu!

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Hope everyone is taking their vitamins and wearing plenty of layers in the cold... It was below freezing when I got up this morning. BRR!!! Maybe we'll get snow for Halloween! =)
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EDIT: I guess i didn't make it clear that I'm not asking if dreads are possible with my length of hair I simply was asking if they would look good on me...
Would I be able to pull off dreads?
Collapse )My jair is pulled up but when its down it almost reaches my shoulders. So what do you guys think? Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture!

Dreadlocks, hairloss, and new growth questions

I've checked the memories and didn't see an answer to the specific part of my question about this, so any help is appreciated. My hair is really thin, soft, and fine (less than 2" circumference of ponytail), even thinner due to some hair loss from hypothyroidism. I had one set of dreadlocks about a year ago, I had to cut them because the hairloss was getting worse and they weren't started very well in the first place. I'm considering starting another set, this time with better sectioning and doing a better job now that I've learned more about the process and different methods to use, but am a bit concerned about how thin my hair is. I have a lot of new growth from it thickening back up now that my thyroid problem is normalizing a bit (though that may change, I've been up and down for about 3 years now with it and am still struggling), will these new hairs growing in cause a lot of problems once my hair is sectioned off in to locks? Also it is a lot thinner in the crown and front areas, I'm worried that the sectioning will just exaggerate how thin my hair is. My scalp already shows through my hair in certain places.

I was also wondering if it would be possible to add some fake hair in to my own, not to create length but thickness? I was planning on using either backcombing or crocheting to start my set. Thanks for any input!
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