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questioning [17 Oct 2009|09:17am]
Hey there c:
im a junior in highschool and i know its cliche but im a touch self concious.
my hair goes to about my shoulders or a little shorter. I know its stupid and lame
but im worried about shrinkage

this is my hair

and it has alot of layers
should i grow it out and wait?
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[17 Oct 2009|03:53pm]
it's been SUCH a long time since I've had the internet- about a year I'd reckon, and it' fab to come back here and see how peoples dreads have changed!
I probably buggered up this LJ cut a well, stupid Macs :(
Im BaaaackCollapse )
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[17 Oct 2009|05:11pm]
My dreads are 20 months now and i was pondering if i should brush them out so i could restart the set.

So i started to brush them out..Collapse )
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Prell Shampoo? [17 Oct 2009|10:45pm]
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PrellCollapse )

I have been using this shampoo for quite a while. and I've always liked it because I have generally greasy, oily hair, and this always got it squeaky clean in one wash. Plus, it's conveniently cheap. So I've been using it on my dreads every 2-4 days. I was wondering if there was any reason you guys knew of that I shouldn't be using this?

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