October 18th, 2009


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If there is one thing in my life I have debated more than anything else it would probably be my bangs.

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I've tried extending them, tried dreading them, now I've just left them.... they are quite haggard. Now I'm rockin long bangs, side burns, and something that could only be described as a fierce mane.

My question is, which do YOU prefer on YOURSELF? Bangs, no bangs? Super short, side-swept? Let's see some pictures!

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part two in the "trying things i saw on gudu" series. part one is over here.

& this one's inspired by my_aerie's twist/bowl style. i'm really surprised how easy this was - it really just entails twisting a few dreads together, then picking up more as you go around in a circle. took all of three minutes, & it stays tucked just fine with no clips at all!

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shall we make this a community thread? give it a try, snap a pic, & post your results in the comments!

The Muppet Experiment (part two)!

So, for those of you who're new, haven't been paying attention, or (like me) have incredibly pathetic memories, I "back-crocheted" my dreads about a month ago in what I dubbed The Muppet Experiment.

Please note, I DO NOT advocate others attempting this (not yet anyway), as I'm not sure how it's affecting my dreads in the long run.

Also, please ignore my complexion...I have dermotillomania and pick at my skin when I'm stressed...I've been stressed lately.

And one final pre-post note: I messed with the brightness and contrast of the photos to bring out the texture, since my hair (at the roots at least) is kinda dark, so the colors are a bit off in most of the photos.

Here, my beloved GUDU, is the (more-or-less) one month update (hey, lookie thar, only took me a few hours instead of a few days).

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Holy crap that was a long entry. You can have a cookie if you made it all the way through. 0.o

Made some dreads today!

I met Jackie at GMX (a geek convention), she was one of the authors there. She really wanted dreads, and said all of the things I said about my hair before I decided to dread. She's very happy with the results, and I look forward to updates from her.

Before, with braids in for kinkyness:

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My boyfriends dread problem

So, my boyfriend has a sectioning problem. A HORRIBLE sectioning problem. His dreads are about a year old, and the girl who did his dreads wants to be a "professional" but she had NO idea what she was doing and now he has a few dreads with really bad sectioning and they are growing in flat and have bad holes in the roots. The sections are really long and skinny rectangles instead of squares.

Also, if I could, I would track that girl down and punch her. She did a horrible job on his dreads and then later when he went back to her asking for help with maintenance, because she didn't tell him how to care for them properly, she said something along the lines of, "I gave you the dreads because you wanted them, if you really want them you will figure out how to fix them up yourself, that's what I did. It's your responsibility now." and was a complete bitch about it. Also her recommendations included "Lots of wax and bands". GRR!!

So here's the question: Do you think that I should come them out and re do them? or just let them be?

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