October 23rd, 2009

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like the morning sun you come, and like the wind you go...

Hello everyone! I'm back; paralounge drum gathering was last weekend and my lovely friend Laura backcombed the hell out of my head and so I present to you my newly formed, week old, baby dreads:

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Since I've been gone, a lot has changed in my life... I'm much more freespirited (who'd have thought THAT possible!?), I got laid off from my job which sucked for a while but I now know how to survive with little to no money; I'm in school full time learning to cut hair; I also realized that I HATE cutting hair; I got out of a mentally abusive 3 1/2 year long relationship and lived the single life up until... yesterday; I'm happy with who I am, happier now that I have dreads again.

All in all, I guess my motto is life's a trip, no use trying to figure out where you're going, just have fun getting there. I want my dreads to reflect my new mindset, so other than the occasional palm roll and dunks in the ocean here and there, I'm letting them be whoever they want to be.

Hope you all have been well; I've missed you guys! MUCH LOVE ♥
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DIY protein treatment

Hey guys, I have a question.

I need to do a protein treatment on my hair, because it's been bleached and has become very dry. I don't really have a lot of money, and I was wandering the internet trying to find a do-it-yourself protein treatment (as in, from scratch), and I found this. I was wondering if anyone has tried anything like this on their dreads and if so, how did it work for you? Any suggestions for other treatments? I just don't want to go out of my way to buy a treatment. And I have avocados in my 'fridge.

OH YES, and also: I am vegan, and was wondering if soy yogurt would work the same as dairy yogurt for this?
Any other suggestions, help, advice is surely welcome. Thanks. :)

Hello there =) New member

Babii Llama Rastas
Hello jell-o to all, Im new to this community so i thought i would introduce my babii llama rastas =P They're about 7-8months old now and are maturing beautifully and they just started growing so im extremly happy cuz i didnt really like the short dreads >.<! Here's a recent pic i just did maintence on them after a month of not doing much to them. i was tryin the whole neglect method to help with them gettin tighter and it worked but i had tons of loose hairs so i had to fix alot of them. Enjoy! =)
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Soapnut (Aritha) Washing Method

Alright, I didn't see anything like this in the memories so here goes. Disclaimer since I don't currently have dreads (yet!) but I've been using this method to wash my hair since my first set and after I combed them out, still using it sometimes today. Nothing has worked better for me since I have a very sensitive scalp, plus its cheap, accessible if you have an Indian grocery store nearby (usually called Aritha there), and 100% natural and residue free.

This is the original article I adapted my method from: http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/vbjournal.php?do=article&articleid=95

I use the foam now since its easier on straight hair, but on locked hair I found it a lot easier to use the squirt bottle with liquid to target it down to the scalp. I also would dilute the recipe in twice as much water, skip the lemon/lime juice because it made my hair too soft and slippery with it, and typically needed 2-4 oz. of liquid per wash. I left mine on 5 minutes or so in the shower, then rinsed. It rinses quickly and cleanly unlike a lot of other things I've tried. Adjust accordingly for how much hair you have.

Other things I've tried is extracting the soap with tea which you can play around with for all sorts of different benefits. Chamomile tea helps if you find the soapnut liquid a bit drying, and peppermint tea based soapnut is great for scalp itchies or cooling off in the warmer months, along with a few drops of tea tree oil. Let us know if anyone gives this a try!