October 25th, 2009

2 years, 2 months, 28 days of dreads

New earrings!

After my last post ( and getting a new camera whee!) I've decided to see how my hair fades froma month in the sun and salt water on holiday in Goa, and if it doesn't change much- I'm bleaching a few dreads for effect as universally suggested. But now - gratuitous dread pics!!!

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I can't believe its been this long. So much has changed in the last year alone, I still get that "whee I have dreads" feeling when I put on a nice outfit to go out in. My dreads and new weight both make me feel very good about myself. Go me. Woop.
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dreadlocks in the workplace

Hello!!!!  I am new to this community
I have some questions....
I have been wanting to put my hair into dreadlocks for about a year now.  I am pretty confident about the how-to and all, but my main concern has been MY JOB.
You see, about 6 months ago I became employed with the state, and since I work with the public sometimes they have these weird things about looking "professional."  I have noticed that tattoos are okay working for the state but "outlandish or strange" hairdos can be frowned upon.  I have tried talking to my manager about what people would think about dreads but never got a straight answer out of her, and seeing as I am still on probation for the next six months, I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my career.

SOOOO..... I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have ANY suggestions? I would love to talk to anyone who may be in my situation.



I know I just posted a few days ago, but I made some new hats for myself and got some decent dreads shots, so I thought I'd post again! I know they're all kinda the same, but whatever. Dread photos are dread photos.

Hope you're not sick of me!

New Favorite Hairdo.
My new favorite way to wear them!

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Okay, I'm done. I promise.

ETA: Today (October 26) marks my partner JD & my 10th anniversary. <3 We are incredible.

2 Weeks!

My dreads are around 2 weeks old now and I'm loving them more and more everyday even though I'm totally in the awkward fuzzy phase and I feel like my hair looks closer to a bird's nest than dreads. I'm excited and know this was a really really good decision :D

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gorthok & i will be in hawaii when my dreads turn two years old this month, so i'm posting in advance. helo, yes, i love my locks.

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i'll likely make a large photo post when we get back from the big island. other recent posts of interest: wrap updo; twist updo.

enjoy. :)

coming along =]

let me start off by saying, YES! i love this community! ((i just hope my LJ-cut works the first time around on this entry))
so i just posted recently, but i am happy to say i'm not sorry for posting again XD
Just want to kind of update everyone, and see what you guys think about how they are looking =]
so the little ones are about 2 months, and i've been real frustrated lately with how they've been looking. they are real frizzy, and in pictures look like a bees nest has taken over my head....BUT....
since day 1, they all feel wicked tighter, and i'm actually quite pleased with their progress. i'm starting to see some shrinkage ((hahah--i LOVE the short fat ones)) and feel a bit more confident about wearing them down and out of hats. i try not to put any rubber bands in because i know it can cause weak spots and development problems down the line, and i am willing to compromise how i look for a little while if it means a gorgeous head of dreads =]
sometimes i doubt things, possibly because they feel so much different than they look, but this community has for the most part helped with any doubt, since i can see that there are other people out there with problems similar to mine, thanks GUDU <3

on another note, unrelated, my boyfriend has been in brig now for about a month, and i'm missing him like cccrrraaaazzyyy, but i'm getting letters and phone calls from him which help! he started my dreads, has had his own set also in the past, and is planning on growing his hair out when he's done with the military bullshit fade style, and being a dready heady too =]

ANYway, here are some pictures :)

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EDIT::::why on earth did i post? 1 comment? was my post too long or something....my feelings are hurt :(
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so it's been a whole year (yesterday) since i started my dreads! holy shit i can't believe it's really been that long.
here is a nice timeline for ya'll :]

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i hope all of your lovely dreaded heads have a beautiful, fantastic week!
enjoy! :]
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