October 27th, 2009


follicle damage

Hello everyone!

Last weekend my aunt persuaded me to go with her to visit her hairdresser, so that she could give me an 'analysis' on my hair...
I've had dreadlocks for about two and a half years now, and I naturally have very thin hair. So thin that it was only until about a year ago that my hair began to resemble cohesive dreadlocks.
Essentially she said that because my hair is so thin, if I don't choose to cut off my dreadlocks within the next year I'm going to be risking permanent follicle damage... ie. have the potential of going bald? This is because of the weight of the hair that I would normally be loosing (100 hairs a day blah blah) will be too much on my scalp.
I'm not planning on cutting my hair off based on one hairdresser who does not specialize in dreadlocks, but it has gotten me a little worried...
I was wondering if anyone else with thin, caucasian hair has been warned of this, or, has experienced this damage.


Just pictures :)

 My progress with my dreads is slow but steady ( I think) I'm very tempted to wash my hair again ad it likes the 3rd time in the last 1 1/2 weeks! I know I need to leave my dreadies alone!

Collapse )Also I ran into an ex( and friend) of mine who has dreads and asked her if she had any tips and she said WAX! I was like "oh i see..." but inside I knew I didn't want to use wax. Also the lady at the natural grocery said to use wax and I saw a big white clump of it stuck in her dreads and I felt sadness and confusion. It all comes to down to this...I trust this communities opinions way more.