October 28th, 2009


its been more then a year i believe, i started my dreads about the middle of the 9th month of 2008 and they were finished in the beginning of the 10th month of 2008, so yeah its been a year. oi the time does pass by quickly...
i really dont take many pictures of myself, and when out with friends we dont have a camera nor do we take pictures, and there really isnt a need to when your just drinkin and shootin the breeze....anyways i have a few issues with roots i wanted to bring up... would it help if i had some one "maintenance" them to help the roots from bleeding into each other?

also picture was taken on my roof on the 4th, pretty much the last picture i have of me showing my dreads.

shalom folk!

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So finally after about five years, as I mentioned in a recent post, I have had the dedication and patience to dread the undreaded hair. It's been a little difficult for me, since my hair is extremely thin around my bangs. But I feel like some good progress is being made, and I have posted a ridiculous picture of how I look these days. As well, as another ridiculous picture of me in my Halloween costume! Enjoy!

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well needed update. passed the year mark last june. ouch. someone's been laaaazy.

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clearly...i need to redye my black. like i said. lazy. :P

EDIT: requested photos of the front/side are in the comments.
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