November 1st, 2009

Lame dread first one!

 Last night I dreamed that I was ripping a lot of my dreads in half and that was it simply...haha lamest dream ever but I had to share since it was my first dread themed dream. 

Just so this isn't a pointless post  I will include a couple photos:

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And I decided I want to try being vegan, I have wanted to for a long time and decided to go for it and just try!

ALSO... I remember a post a while ago where someone had a picture of a tiny dread forming by itself from like 10 hairs  and I have one of those little creatures forming too!

Who in here has kids? What age? 

My son is 1 1/2 and his name is Charlie <3

Questions for dreadlocking lovers

  I can't wait 5 days for my dreadies! Well, I can, but I am so excited I keep day dreaming of me in my doc martens with the beautifulness of the dreads.

I have bought from dreadworx (I love dreadworx)  some shampoo and coconut smelling conditioner and tightening spray so I can look after them well. On DreadHead they said to put like tights over your hair at night and when in the shower? Can I just wash them like normal?
It says to put elastic bands on the top and bottoms of the dreads to keep them tighter, which is fine, and to rinse out thoroughly and squeeze them then 10 seconds later do the same, spray the tightening spray and leave to dry.

How do you guys wash them? It said I should wash them like that 3 to 4 days after having them done.

I had dreads before but I didnt really take care of them, my friend who had dreads for about 5 years at the time did them for me and she very rarely washed them so I followed in her footsteps! This is not why I took them out though.
by maddie

one month timeline.

my dear little dreadlings are a month old today!

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I have an entry in my journal that I update with photos of them every few days, which is mostly for myself, but if you'd like to see it, it's public.

thank you guys for the constant inspiration!
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Obligatory halloween post!

Hope everyone had a rad halloween. I just ended up eating the (vegan) candy the trick or treaters didn't get take from us. We only got like 10 kids. It was sad.

Dreads are prefect for a post apocalyptic type costume. I tied most of mine up and had my longest dread at the nape of my neck loose. That and goggles. Of course.

Picture 7

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Surprise kitty


I got the job, and the women told me that she wanted to hire me right away because I seemed to be intelligent, fun, respectful, and best of all, professional! Crazy girl with dreads seems professional! You gotta love that. Then I went to a wedding and halloween party. The bride was sooo excited about my dreads, and everyone was smelling them because my date was bragging about how could they smelled, lol. Then I went to the halloween party, and I had a ton of people amazed by my hair. About 10 people said that it was the best set they've ever seen. They were impressed with how clean and everything they were. I had a crowd of people amazed that I hadn't used any wax and I preached the hell that is wax, and people were so amazed-and excited to share the knowledge. AND my date had decided to cut a crappy mohawk into his hair, and I managed to convince him to grow it out and do a dreadhawk :D