November 2nd, 2009

2 yrs

I hope everyone here is still doing well. I dont really recognize anyone from when i use to be on a lot. My dreads also turned two in october. I saw lish's post. i believe her hair is growing a lot faster than mine. oh well.
here is a short update. my hard drive quit on my so i lost practically all my photos. once again, oh well.
here it goes,

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Urgent Help Needed!!! pls :)

hey all. just went through memories and could not find anything that really helped at all. sorry if i missed something about this, but i really did have a very good look through. was hoping someone here can give me some good advice... i have had dreads for 2 years now and recently cut out all but 5 in the front and a few more random ones around..
my problem is there rapidly thining at the roots and im kinda worried there soon going to completely snap off. does anybody have any good tips for thikening the roots at all????
would be more than appreciated.
the roots are no where near the thikness of the rest of the dreads and iam seriously getting worried...
im ultra attached to them and really really dont want to loose them
PLS HELP!!! :)