November 3rd, 2009

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life is short. pat it on the head.

dread update time! haven't posted in a bit, but they're maturing slowly. my dreads are about two months now, still shrinking and coming along nicely. naturally, i'm still completely in love with them.

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i have mad regrowth going on, i know. the ends are a brown-gold but the roots are my natural colour. they feel strong enough to be fine through a colouring from what i've read in the memories, but i am shocking at picking hair colour to suit (i believe the last time i chose my own colour and did my own hair, i was described as looking not unlike a startled alpaca), so i'm taking my time on that one. possibly even phoning a friend.

will keep posting as they mature, and if i work up the courage to dye them, i'll be sure to snap some pics. that is, unless i manage to wind up looking like a wool-producing animal again. i might spare you that, wotsay.

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so i just tried the neutragena t-gel and it seemed like it worked a little. but i figure the more i use it, it will improve with my dandruff situation. i wash my hair only once a week, should i switch to two times a week for the time being?
anyhow, today was wonderful. and i hope everyone else had a nice november day.


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cleannnnnn hopefully

 So I'm currently trying one of the deep clean recipes i found in the memories, and I'm realllllllly hoping it'll help. I have so many dark spots (very noticable with blonde hair) from wax i used to start them (ew) and dirt build-up I'm assuming. 
Has anyone with blonde dreads with the same amount of dirt try this?
Did it work for you?
lemmmiee know!
time to rinse!
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Yay Waldorf

We're expecting a kid in a couple months and my husband has been nerding out on do-it-yourself educational toy websites. He just sent me a link to this "Waldorf Doll Kit" (Waldorf dolls are made of simple materials ... wool and cotton with simple facial features.) They call it the "multi-colored long dred" doll. I think it's kind of creepy looking (but I have never liked dolls at all) though I still totally love the fact that it's available.
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Sectioning/ Loose hairs/Roots growing together

 So I'm probably just being neurotic about my dreads but I have some concerns. I just went through the memories and wasnt quite satisfied. 

When I started my dreads I did not do any type of organized sectioning whatsoever, as a result of this I have quite a few spots where I have like tiny sections of hair that arent dreaded and don't fit in to a specific dread next door. This brings me to my next concern... my dreads keep growing together at the roots and some I have just allowed to combine...cant keep them away from eachother, so romantic...anyway it hurts to rip them apart. I've tried doing in when they are wet and that helps but i'm assuming there is no better way to prevent this? I'm just like scared I'm going to end up with a few super fat dreads or like a completely matted hat of hair at my scalp!. I don't mind them looking frizzy for now but I'm just concerned that they will grow up to be healthy attractive dreads!

Oh and they are less than a month old. Started October 16th.

Obscenely Long Picture Post Since I Cannot Post Anything In A Timely Fashion

Ive been meaning to post for a few months, but havent and instead took a lot of pictures in the meantime. Since August, Ive been in a good friends wedding, my dreads turned 3, I took a two-week road trip out west since I needed some quality road time and Halloween happened. So, here are a lot of pictures of my dreads with a few trip photos thrown in for good measure.

Onward, and photo heavy!

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