November 4th, 2009


1 month!

My dreads turn 1 month old tomorrow. I just got back from a spur of the moment camping trip. It was very fun, and my dreads seem to have somehow benefited from it. They feel a lot tighter. A lot of them are getting so loopy!

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Hey GUDU-people!
I have a small problem here.. this might sound stupid, but I'm asking anyway : 

I have dreadlocks, had them for 8 months now.
I was thinking about getting a dreadhawk but the sectioning isn't perfect for that, so I think I'd prefer to re-section it a bit.
Do I have to open all the dreadlocks  or is there any other way to do some re-sectioning ? 

gone too long.

last entry was almost half a year back. WE MISS GUDU!

we are over a year now! 1 year & 4 months old (:
pictures from 12th mth till 16th mth. not in that order.

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i feel the length now. its growing. n growing. n growing.
im not too sure if im comfortable with the length. i been waiting for it to grow long since i first started but now that it IS growing, i miss them while they were all arnd my neck. bouncy and rebelious.
my babies have grown.