November 7th, 2009

Surprise kitty

Another brush out nightmare.

I am apparently really afraid of my dreads being removed without my permission! Last night I had a dream where I decided to use a gel in my hair that was slightly conditioning and then when I rinsed it out, I rinsed out most of my dreads for the most part...just long curly hair, no dreadie parts except in the front. Everyone in my dream was telling me how great I looked without the dreads, and I know that I was trying to figure out how that even happened (even my dream self was like, no wait, what not possible! And yet...). I woke up crying and then made sure to pet my dreads to make sure they were still there ^_^
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Would it be dumb of me to comb out my locks and re-start with better sectioning and a different size? One of my friends thinks it sounds like a waste of time. But...i dunno... What do you guys think?

Haha you can see one big, long loose hair there in the middle. DX
  • avelith

dread beard

I am mostly a lurker; my dreads don't tend to be the main attraction of the photos that I take/are taken. But my friend took a photo (albeit low quality cell phone picture) of my dread beard and I thought it was kind of lulzy, so I thought I would share. (:


p.s. I <3 you guys/gals
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Hey guys! I tried out this hairdo today and I was rather pleased with the results. I've decided to call it "super easy 'hawk inspired girly-pomp." It's pulled back tight on the sides and kinda poofy on top. It's girly cause I threw in a flower. And lookie here, I made a tutorial!! :D
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