November 8th, 2009

My dreadies :)

 They are 2 days old and very thin and not many of them - I shaved the side of my head a few months back and the shaved side is only like 2 or 3 inches long so it hasnt been dreaded, so there arent many, but here ya go, cant wait for them to settle down a bit!

   me getting dreads by darling rose.  me this morning...looking a little rough!

 they look really weird here, as do I.


popped my dreadscan cherry

they're around 8 months old. i've been noticing some shrinkage lately and it makes me so pleased that my dreadlings are maturing although my mother still continues to call them cornrolls :P but one of the glass beads(green and black one) she made and gave me to wear, she even picked which brain noodle to put it on.
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me happy, dreads happy

My parents live on the otherside of the country, near the beach. I grew up near the beach and everytime i'm at the beach i feel alive and happy. Especially in autumn. When the wind is strong, when the waves are agressive. I la la la love the beach in autumn. The sun shined the whole day, but it was cold. Watercold, thats how we call that in Holland. My nose was freezing. First we went to a landed property of the royal family. Fall was everywhere around us. Mushrooms are my favourite (see my username). This one is beautiful! The colours are amazing.
And a story about the dreads. They're 16 months and 3 weeks old. And so far they're still happy, and so am i. Some people at my school have asked me: When are you going to cut off your dreads? The question annoys me, cause i haven't thought about reall cutting my dreads. So they really have to shut up! XD My dreads are finally growing, after a long time of shrinkage. But they need to get maintained. I have to say i'm pretty lazy. Most of the loops are gone. Me happy, dreads happy. See also: My one year timelime. Happy Autumn!