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Pineapple Head [10 Nov 2009|12:17am]
In nearly three years of being dreadlocked I have never once taken a "pineapple head" picture. I figured it was about time I did.

Pineapple Head

P.S. This older lady on Intervention tonight (it's a rerun) has some epic grey dreads. I hope mine are like that one day.
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[10 Nov 2009|10:45am]

they are exactly 2 months, 3 weeks, 1 day old and they have going crazy. this past week i've noticed that a few have been growing tentacles. i find it rather awesome. i can't even describe how much in love i am with my dreads today.
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[10 Nov 2009|10:58am]
[ mood | good ]


i dont really know how old they are. oldest are maybe two months, youngest are maybe a month.Collapse )

things i have learned, thus far, about my dreads:

-they stick to velcro. and it hurts to get them unstuck.
-dont let small children show interest in them. their parents will not be happy (at least the ones ive run into...)
-its nice to be able to wear my hair up in a ponytail using a dread to tie it together vs. a rubberband.

im getting a lot of attention because of my hair these days. not all of it is good, but more often than not, it is. i recently graduated high school, this last june, and i cannot explain how nice it is to go back and visit and have people who never even talked to me come up and tell me how great my hair looks.
i feel like having dreads has opened me up in a way that other things have not. for so long, i put off getting them because my parents explaining that i would not be allowed to remain living with them, if i did such a god awful thing to my hair. but, now that theyre over the initial pissed-off-ness, even they are starting to see that dreads were a good choice. i feel like im FINALLY starting to fit into the mold of the person im supposed to be. well. at least my hair is. =]

so, thanks GUDU. without you, i wouldve had no idea how to do this and probably wouldve ended up with some sticky, nasty dreads.


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Almost? Never. [10 Nov 2009|02:00pm]
[ mood | content ]

I almost decided to get rid of my dreads last week. All the loose hairs, the itchies, the dandruff, the stress of not being able to find a job and wondering if my hair had anything to do with it- it was all getting to me. But not trying to be impulsive, I walked my dog to help me think and rationalize the situation. I talked with some friends about it and all of them pretty much said "No! They fit your face. They look so good on you. Don't!" My boyfriend also reminded me of all the time he has put into palm rolling my dreads. They're almost as much mine, as they are his, and the girl who spent hours with me watching Dexter and smoking bowls and backcombing these babies into existence..

I kinda think of her as the mother seahorse, and I am the father, carrying our babies around on my head.

Everyone's approval of me keeping my dreads, plus remembering they are not even 4 months yet (4 more days til they are!) made me realize that giving up now would be almost stupid. They're still youngin's, forming and locking up. I can't blame them for all the loose hairs. And I'm trying stuff out for the dandruff like apple cider vinegar. I'm about to go buy some essential oils whenever my sister gets back with my bike..

Anyways, I'm kinda just rambling now. But I love my dreads I really do. And I love all the lovely dreadies in this community.. all are an inspiration for me to keep on dreadin' on.

I had some guy come up to me and say he loved my dreads. He himself had beautiful, long skinny tight dreads. I felt really flattered for someone with such beautiful hair to notice mine. And two days ago in a liquor store, some lady called me a "rasta Shirley Temple". She absolutely adored my dreads.

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Everyone: love yourself and your dreads for who/they you are. There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't!

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[10 Nov 2009|03:42pm]
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Faux Dreadhawk [10 Nov 2009|04:46pm]
Wow, I'm on a posting streak! Are you sick of me yet? =D

I decided to try a faux dreadhawk since I'm going out tonight and it actually worked semi-decently. I had tried once before but the dreadlings were too short.

Faux Dreadhawk

More!Collapse )

I'm so glad they're starting to get long enough to do fun things with! ♥
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dreading my friend's head [10 Nov 2009|04:48pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so a good friend and i decided i would dread her head (which is my first time caring for someone else's for once). no wax, just backcombing and using embroidery floss. it took me about 4 hours, so we watched boondock saints and family guy. my dudefriend in the pic had dreads at one time too so we were all of the same mind pretty much.

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Inspired [10 Nov 2009|08:05pm]
I was inspired by sayhedgehog and decided to try a double pineapple look :)

Also I combined 3 mini dreads into one 
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[10 Nov 2009|11:08pm]
here's a fun new community game. put your head back as far as you can & take a picture of your dreads from the back. take another of your full back standing normally, & post it next to the first. how will your dreads look in 1-3 years?

compared to reality...Collapse )

feel free to post your pics in comments here, or start a new post depending on how much effort you'd like to put in. ;)
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Lil'Update [10 Nov 2009|11:31pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Some pics from today.

<img src=Collapse )

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