November 11th, 2009

Day 1

Let the process begin.

1. Residue free soap -check
2.No products- check combing- check
4. grossed out future-parents-in-law (coming soon... perhaps Thanksgiving)

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Dreadlocks world record

Stumbled across this video today and thought everyone else might find it interesting. Some pretty impressive locks :)

Asha Mandela broke the Guinness world record for longest dreadlocks on a female when one of her locks measured longer than 19 feet.

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Dr. Bronners...not such a fan.

 EDIT: I looked through the memories and saw that many people dilute it...but I was using a bar so I'm guessing that can't be diluted haha.

So I had bought the Dr. Bronners peppermint to try out and it made my hair feel DUNDUNDUN...WAXY!

Yuck anyway I thought I hadn't rinsed it well enough so i rinsed it again and still gross so I had to use my other shampoo to actually get it out of my hair. I think I'm going to stick to using this for my body only. I'm just wondering if anyone had similar experiences with it? Maybe I'm doing something completely wrong but I don't think so. I mean i worked a lather up in my hands and scrubbed at my scalp and such. Hmm.

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ps.... did i mention we got married on sept 18? o.O
(...lish please don't yell at me for size! i love you! ♥ ;))

hi gudu!!! i still adore youuuuuuuuuuuuu! i'm still just... predominantly internet-less.

however, matt n' i will be on the east coast for 2 weeks at the end of november....
if anyone needs any maintenance or wants baby dreadies!!! :)

oh! and! i'm working on website stuff that'll include instructions AND follow along videos. now you TOO can make your dreads do anything you want! crazy, huh? :D finally startin to get my butt in gear again!

happy autumn, lovies!

curly dreads

 My dreads are all curly, my hair (before dreaded) was very curly, and got even more curly when wet, and I used DreadHead HQ tightening spray which I do like, it is good, and it made my hair wet and my dreads are curly, but I like it..its cute!


Dreadlock Pron (SFW)

Here is a crazy slow-mo video of a dude who has ridiculously long luscious dreads (like cottonmouthdn , long) flipping them backwards.

Enjoy :) 

PS. Also in entertainment news Shakira apparently has "dreads". Some guy on twitter, TristanSanders, tweeted this story from this website. Sometimes the beliefs people hold make me shake my head. I replied: "Shakira doesn't have dreads. Those are just twisted pieces of hair with some wax in them. She won't keep them a week." Let's start a friendly bet. How long do you think they'll be around for?

21 months update :D

I haven't updated in aaaages. I do linger from time to time though, but now I'm back properly! I've missed all you beautiful dreadies.

Here's a few recent pictures of my dreads. They're growing! Yay! Also, I wanted to get opinions on whether I should dye my dreads a cherry red or not. I'm undecided, I love red on me & I feel like a change, but I every time I see a picture I think 'oooh, I like the colours in my dreads'. Hm!

Edit: I apologise for forgetting to do the lj cut. I've just tried to do it twice the way I always do it, but for some reason it isn't working for me. Hm. Hope I didn't piss you guys off too much:s But Lish would have deleted it if I hadn't remebered! :)  I'll post properly WITH lj cut when I have time to mess around with it & figure out what I'm doing wrong. Sorry again.

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