November 16th, 2009

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I'm at my parents house where they have internet and I can not sleep. So i decided to make a timeline with the picture's there are on this computer... I don't know when i exactly started my dreads but the first foto i found was from 2004.

Time Line;

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this weekend, i went to the beach. i meant to pick up some salt water while i was there, to pour over my head, or soak my head in, but i didnt have a chance to, seeing as it was DUMPING rain the entire time and i didnt dare venture towards that angry looking ocean.
if i really wanted to, i could probably just go buy some sea salt and mix some up on my own, but now wheres the fun in that?!

instead, im going to go to the craft store and pick out some clay and make myself some dread decorations.
i only have one, big ol' pink wooden bead. thats it. i want more. unfortunately, there arent many actual BEAD shops around here. at least not ones that sell beads big enough for dreads. =[

also, while i was looking through the "bead" memories, i didnt see anything specifying about removing beads and stuff like that. how many of you leave them in when you shower? take them out? i imagine most clay beads, like the ones i intend to make, need to come out before washing since water probably makes them more brittle, but i was just curious.

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I haven't posted any pictures of my dreads lately so I guess I am due for a tiny update! Well My husband had crocheted a couple of my dreads and then he stopped, mostly because our schedules were conflicting and I would do them myself but I am FAR TOO lazy! haha so he does my dread matainence for me, what a great guy eh?!

Anyways, they will be 14 months at the end of the week and time is flying!! They are coming a long good I think. Some have joined together but I let them do that mostly because they were REALLY thin and I wanted them to be thicker so I have some conjoined twins & triplets :p

Now all they have to do is GROW GROW and everything will be 98% perfect! haha


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Hi all,
Recently iv'e had the most itchy scalp and it had gotten the the point where i would scratch so much that it would bleed a little...not good at all hey. That also meant ALOT of dandruff and sore spots mainly on the back of my head.
However, i did a clean with baking soda, lemon, tea tree oil and salt and it was amazing. im not itchy at all and it made my dreads tighter and cleaner..pretty happy about it =]

So here are some pics of whats been happening in my life.

Our local

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interview hair!

i had a casual interview today & i thought i'd take photos of how i did my hair, since i think this is the cutest i've ever done it since i got it dreaded. i was actually a little TOO fancy today, everyone at the place was wearing scuzzy t-shirts & jeans!

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as requested, a brief tutorial:

step one: pull hair back in a high & tight ponytail
step two: take a smaller hairtie & band all of the ends of the ponytail together
step three: tuck the end of the ponytail along with the band under & into the hairtie you used to tie your hair back
step four (optional): take straight pins & pin the side dreads down to your head to form more of a ball shape
step five: add some sort of scarf! i had a random piece of fabric that i used that was too short to wrap around twice, so i started at the back of my head, went around a little past where it started & then flipped it through itself.
step six: tada!

Dread-friendly hair accessories

I'm a bit addicted to hair accessories. Pre-dreads I ended up with quite a collection, some I still can use, others not so much. For anyone interested, here's a list of some of my favorite accessories that still work with dreads.

these things are awesome for when you need a pretty clip to dress up your hair that won't get hopelessly snagged or just not fit over the bulk. I use a large for a full ponytail and have a few XS from before that work to clip 2-4 dreads back for a half-up type style. The large is a bit tight but it still works, I used to use it for a full bun on brushable hair. You can contact them for a custom XXL if you have a lot of hair and want it all back or want a different color combo that isn't offered.
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Nightblooming mostly makes beaded hairsticks though she does some wonderful slides and hair brooches that are large enough to accommodate dreads. Here's one she custom made for me:

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has very nice natural and dymondwood hairsticks that seem practically unbreakable. No action shots of any of mine since they're too short now, I need to replace them with longer ones. The tips are more blunt than a lot of other sticks so they don't seem to stab through any dreads.

If anyone would like to share something not listed here I'd love to check it out.


My bff Cavale took a really awesome picture of me a couple days after my dreads were finished, she just sent t o me and I thought I'd share :]

This is her flickr account if you want to see more awesome photo's:

so many pictures!/timeline

so i was looking through my computer, and found so many damn pictures i've taken over the years that i forgot about! so here's a bit of my dread timelin that i hope you enjoy! :)
(few days after finishing backcombing, still have sectioning elastics in! January 2008)
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Portland dread maintenance

I got my belly henna'd this weekend by a woman in Portland (Oregon) who had the most gorgeous dreads. I spent a good hour staring at the top of her head so got quite a good look at them. I asked her if she did a lot of maintenance on them and she said "yep, constantly. I also do maintenance on other peoples' dreads." Considering the level of focus she put into the henna and how good her dreads look I imagine she would do a great job on other folks' dreads as well. I asked her if I could list her contact info here and she said of course! If you need dread help in Portland, I think she would be a good person to go to. She said she only does maintenance, however. She doesn't put in new dreads.

Info and a couple pics under the cut.

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