November 17th, 2009

road tripping

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Hi! I've been reading this community and scouring the memories for years. Now I can finally post!

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I'm excited. And my husband says he likes it, which is awesome because he was apprehensive before. He just had bad impressions of them - homeless people with bird poop crusted dreads, etc.
i lik mah hairs.


does anyone wear chelsea fringe with their dreads? I'm seriously considering one to not only help with the weight of my hair, but to change the style up a bit. I have a LOT of dreads and always wear them back (lest they fall in my eyes). Pictures would help a lot.

Thx everyone <3

Russian Dreads

hey guys, i'm new here. i really, really want to get dreads. but before i start doing anything, i want to make sure i'm getting (making) the really tightly back-combed, neat kind of dreads. i looked through some of the memories and found out these are called russian dreads. right?

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