November 18th, 2009

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Backcombing vs. Neglect

Hey there.

I am new to the community, and after spending years admiring lovely ropes of hair on various people, I've finally decided to commit to it.

I've been throwing myself into the memories for the past couple days, but I'm still not feeling like I'm getting my questions answered, so apologies if I missed the obvious.

I bought a flea comb with the intent to have a friend backcomb my hair, but she won't be able to do that for a while, being that she's super duper busy. I could do it myself, but I'm ridiculously clumsy with anything mirror-related. So my friend at work, who has had his dreads for nine years, told me not to take the "easy" way out, to just stop brushing my hair and let it happen naturally.

I'd -like- to, but my hair texture has always been this crazy silky-smooth and straightness that refuses to hold onto ANYTHING. I'm not sure neglecting to brush will really do anything (I know, I know, patience). I also shower every night... mostly because I get cold, and it's the best way to warm up before bed (it's become such a habit that I often have a tough time getting to sleep if I haven't showered).

So! My questions are, do I need to stop showering so much while not brushing my hair, or can I go ahead and shower every night as long as I don't shampoo or detangle? Should I use Dr. Bronner's-style soap? Or even just let it get wet and refrain from soap at all? With hair that has my texture, will neglecting it work out? And should I maybe just stop brushing, and maybe have my friend backcomb in about a month, when her schedule's probably freed up? Is there anything I should do after a shower, aside from just letting my hair air-dry?

Am I a neurotic mess? :D

Thanks people. I hope I didn't make a fool of myself.
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It's not really weird I'm weird

The last post about natural dreads got me thinking about how pretty much the whole back of my head is going natural at this point which is ok that doesn't bother me. I'm going nuts over loose hairs though. I have so many loose hairs on top that it doesn't even look like I have dreads. I know maintenance should be done sparingly but is it totally forbidden? For my dreads I mean at 1 month old...I'm guessing you will say no or look at the memories.

595 days of dreads

one year, seven months and some-odd days. lots of loose hair at the nape of my neck is starting to dread on it's own but is annoying still. probably could use some maintenance. i thought they were growing but i washed them a little extra often after my last hair-lightening and they shrunk again. i figure the most noticeable growth happens between years 3-4 so i'm trying to just forget about it until then!

want to go a little lighter in color but ive trying to hold out until my roots grow out more to make it more economical on my wallet. the flash makes my dreads look more pale/white than the weird gold shade it is. this shade of blond actually really washes out my skin (its almost the same color as my skin- weird golden shade).. also since i work at home and never get outside anymore, (not that Portland Oregon has any sun this time of year anyway) i'm the palest i've ever been being from sunny California usually.

all the beautiful ear jewelry in this group really is making me want to stop being so lazy and go get my virgin ears pierced finally.

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