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creating candy's dreads [19 Nov 2009|02:05am]
hi friends!

i started candy(le_soleil_noir)'s dreads last week.

cotton candy explosion!Collapse )
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[19 Nov 2009|09:32am]
[ mood | depressed ]

at the beginning then now.

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Picture :) [19 Nov 2009|12:08pm]

My dreads just look like fuzz today since I washed them last night :)
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when you're alone and you need a friend... [19 Nov 2009|08:39pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Hey guys!! Since no one commented on my last post :( i figured i'd give it another shot...got some cool new pics...

pics & tat under the cutCollapse )

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Jellyfishing, jellyfishing! [19 Nov 2009|08:39pm]
In my Marine Biology class, we go down to the beach about once a week. Lately we've been studying invertebrates, especially jellyfish, and lo and behold we had a huge group of jellies at the beach this week!
So today we went out and caught a bunch to bring back to our field study room. They're so cuuuute and so fun to catch and hold! While we put them in the buckets they would wrap their tentacles around our fingers. SO CUTE. AHHH.
And don't worry, they weren't hurt in any way. We're super careful with everything. :)

Anyway - this obviously meant that I spent a good chunk of time running around yelling "I'M A JELLYFISH" with my hood over my heard.
Observe, a poorly created reenactment:

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ALL GONE !! [19 Nov 2009|10:00pm]

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[19 Nov 2009|10:13pm]
Just one for today! I like how big my little side-buns are these days - a year ago I could still wrap an elastic around each bun twice. Now it can barely handle once :)

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