November 20th, 2009

dying of the light brown or red combination

I have slightly been neglecting the palm rolling of the dreadies...I do it, I just I think i could do it more often.
So whilst sat here listening to a sorta fairytale by tori amos I shall do some catching up.
2 more weeks til I can wash them, as Rose the composer of the jennifer dreads told me when she did them. She said wait 4 weeks, so 2 weeks I shall wash them. She said not under a shower the first time but with a jug. I want to dye my dreads...I am not sure when I can do this...I will need the help of one or both of my two friends who are ex-dreadheads.

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it was 42 degrees celcius here today where I live (newcastle, australia). so needless to say, I spent majority of it at the beach!
a) amazing for escaping from the heat
b) amazing for my little dreads!

I took some photos but apparently I am REAAAAALLY bad with aim, so they're not very good... I more or less want to post them for my own personal record but figured if I am going to post them on my personal journal, I may aswell Collapse )