November 21st, 2009

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I'm having a day full of good self-esteem so I figured I'd share it with you beautiful people. Don't you love days when you just feel pretty? Also, there's a god damn cute squirrel outside, it looks like a youngin and it's freaking adorable, sitting there outside my door, eating his acorns and stuff. AW! Collapse )

Size for sectioning.

Hi Gudu,
After many years following the community and 3 sets of dreads on my husbands head, I've finally decided to step away from Synthetic dreads and get my own real dreads.

I'm having a friend section my hair on Wednesday, and she wants to know roughly what size I'd like the sections to be.
I would like thin to medium sized dreads, but my hair is pretty fine.
I'm not sure what size sectioning would be a good fit.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/input and look forward to sharing our couples dread journey with you all.

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