November 22nd, 2009

Fake fringe/bangs

The never ending question of to fringe or not to fringe...

Does anyone here wear clip on or otherwise fake fringe? I think I'd like the look, but I'm not sure if I want to comb out any of my babies in the front to play with it. They're not even a month old yet.

If you do wear fake fringe, where did you get it?
Does it look real?
What are some of your favorite ways of wearing it (with a wrap, headband, etc?)

Also, pics would be great both with and without.

Sleeping Covered

Sooo, first post, hello folks!

For my intro, I'm just gonna post a link to my dread blog because I pretty much know JACK about LJ picture posting and whatnot. I swear it's just a dreadblog. Nothing creepy.

Other than that, my dreads are only three week old and after doing a little mem trolling here, I realized that (so far as I could see) no one had addressed this issue:

When you sleep with covered dreads, I noticed that hair retains more of the funky sleep-sweat and ends up smelling a little musty.

I know the usual reason cited for sleeping uncovered is that they knot better, but I can't really vouch for that one way or the other. So this is pretty much for the other peeps out there with fledgling dreads: even if you think sleeping uncovered doesn't help you knot any faster, do it anyway. Your nose and sensibilities will thank you.

That said, I just wanted to let you folks know that this comm has been extremely helpful to me after the fact. (Unfortunately, I didn't find it until after I dreaded up.)

Need some love!

I adore seeing everyone's beautiful dreads on here... But I think neglect dreads need some lovin' too. Most pictures on here of neglect dreads are wayyy after they've started dreading. I know there are other folks on here using this method, and I'd like to see some pictures.

So I invite you to post, be they limp and not really goin anywhere yet, done and long and dreaded up, or anywhere in between.

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half of one of my dreads broke off today from being too weak in the middle, this is the second time this has happened. . . does anyone have any tips/methods/advice to ghettorig or reattach two halves of a dread???

washing and fringes

I washed my dreadies for the first time tonight, and I was a little bit nervous that I would mess them up somehow. So I got the boyfff to help me and we did it with a jug and some dreadheadhq soap in the bath.
I have a lot of normal hair at the ends of me dreads, which I wanted, but hair to dread ratio goes roughly 50:50, sometimes 60:40. And some of my twists are coming apart at the bottom so they are two strands and then the twist.
My friend, ex dread head, is going to back comb the ends and palm roll them with me on wednesday and crochet them and just have a good tidy and strength up orgy at hers.:)
I am in love with them now though. Now they are maturing - even after just 3 weeks - and they are just looking nice and feeling nice and I love shoving them (in the most gentle way) into a pony tail and I love the chunkyness of them. It's all good :)
I would welcome ideas on what to do with a can kinda see it in my picture. I was, originally, going to grow it out along with my shaved side of the head, but now pondering upon having my old fringe cut in, which starts short and swoops across, gradually getting longer.
I would like to see what you guys have done with your fringes/bangs

much love and care