November 24th, 2009


La di da...

I've been having the most annoying problem.

Switzerland is apparently having a mini rainy season so I've been in a rain jacket a lot lately and have found that whenever I go to take it off, my dreads have attached themselves to the velcro! It's nice to know that in a planet made of velcro, I'd never have to fall from a cliff so long as I get my hair stuck on a velcro rock, but as it stands, here on planet Earth the velcro/dread issue just hurts. (and I'm afraid it's going to tear my fledglings apart!)

Has anyone with more mature dreads had this issue? Do you think it will get better or do I need to swear off velcro!?

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Second Attempt at the BIG BUN!

I discovered that these big ass earwarmers I've had for ages work wonderfully to pull my hair back into a bun. I can't tell you how happy I am to have learned this because there is no neck pain or scalp pulling with my hair pulled up this way. Even regular ponytails kill my head. Yay!

Big Bun

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They aren't even that long yet and the bun is already as big as my head! Imagine them when they're waist length! Sheesh! I dunno how you guys do it, they're so heavy already! =D