November 25th, 2009

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Heart Cooks Brain

So a couple days ago I said goodbye to my pinky phase, and traded it for a barfy-copper phase. Sometime within the next few weeks I'm gonna' be neutralizing the crap out of it and then going for a fishbowl blue spectrum. :D
I also put aloe in it for the first time ever tonight, so it felt right to make a post. Very active week for the locs.


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Tree Person


My arms are damn sore, but I am pretty damn happy.

I wanted to go au naturale, but my freakin hair won't mat. It just clumps greasily. So I thought I'd nudge it along with some backcombing. I possibly did not backcomb enough, but I'm gonna let it do what it do and hope for the best. I love how it looks right now, at any rate. I want to shove some autumn leaves in it. Mayhaps tomorrow I will.

Apologies for the photo quality. My camera is in the shop, and all I got is this crusty blackberreh.

I just hope they don't unravel in my sleep. I have quite a few loops. I hope that won't be problematical. I don't mind the loose hair at all, though.

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Story and Picspam

I wanted to post some pics, but since just that felt too much like picspam, you get a little story, too.

I am currently an Au Pair in Switzerland and when I dreaded my hair 3 1/2 weeks ago, I was really nervous about what my employer would think about it because she had expressed that she does not personally care for what she calls 'rastalocks' and when I made them, she lamented the loss of my "schön Haar" (pretty hair). I angsted over this for a couple of weeks, worried about how I looked (because fledgling dreads are certainly not the most gorgeous things ever, I know) and whether my fluffy, ratty appearance was enough of a deal breaker to get shipped back stateside (paranoid, I know, but I'm really at her mercy here.)

Finally about a week ago, I got up balls to just ask outright if my hair was a problem and do you know what she said? (and I translate loosely) "No, it's not a problem, you're giving me good practice for when the girls are old enough to want to do weird things with their hair."

XD It was just awesomely hilarious to hear that. (BTW, the girls (2 & 5) love my dreadies. They palmroll them for me when they're close enough to my head for extended periods.)

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Hey y'all

Its been a while since I've posted as I've been in Tanzania for the last few months, but I'm back now and have absolutely no idea what to do with myself.. so figured I might as well give an update!

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happy flowers

5 months

I started these about the middle of June, haven't done much to them since then. Just trying to keep them from eating eachother-which is harder than I thought it would be. I wish I had gotten a picture of the back, maybe I'll do that next month.

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i learned my lesson

if i ever have another set of dreadlocks (whenever i cut these off years down the road), i am not going to ever dye them.

dying dreads takes too much work (for me) and it's too prone to mistakes and you have to always buy two boxes or double of whatever it is you need to account for all this hair... and and and toner (!), if only i had known about good toners before, and good bleaches and developers that are way cheaper than those stupid sets they sell at hot topic, for example.

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