November 27th, 2009

My 2 month old babies!!

I brushed out my front two dreads this morning.. I think it makes my face look softer. And besides, those two were driving me mad, pointing in all directions because I wear them back so much. Whatta you guys think?

I saved the palm-full of hair that came out as I brushed, was thinking I could mix it with my H2B's hair and then add it too any of my short-arse dreadlings.

Also, split another two dreads in half to make four and cover up a bit of a bald spot. They're looking so much better so far, even though I had to cut them apart in places.. these babies have got really really knotty in the last two months <3
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one foot in the grave, one foot in the shower

well hi thar! so i guess this one goes under 'frustration', 'cause dayum, that's where i'm at. i was reading all the memories, trying to see if anybody's posted about the same situation, and noticed that in the aforementioned section, most of the people who were posting about being frustrated are at the same point as me - just over three months.

it was so helpful to read all that encouragement, support and advice for those at the 3 month point - so thank you, thank you to whoever created that section in memories. you have no idea how much i needed to read all that right now, because i'm at that point where i keep thinking about cutting them off, and have to keep stopping myself.

my main problem right now is how unattractive they look around my face. granted, it could just be my face, but no matter what i do they just fall in awkward ways and look unflattering - i have to wear a dreadhat (beanie with a hole cut in the end) or a pixie wrap whenever i go out, and in the Aussie pre-summer heat right now, it's terribly uncomfortable.

so i guess my rather long-winded question is for those with experience with developing dreads: does the shape of them around your hairline, and the way they fall around your face, change and evolve over time or generally stay the same?