November 30th, 2009

Yay! 2nd Set!

After weeks of prepping my hair- the day came!!! My mom and I sat down and back combed/ palm rolled for like, 4.5 hours. It was SO much shorter than my first set! That took nearly 14 hours. It was done with an awful comb, etc...

THESE locs look MUCH better.


Thoughts? Comments?
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In case you were wondering what it looks like when I wear my hair in a braid... here ya go...

The other lads are my bandmates. The gent with the blonde dreads is one of my old buddies, Timmy. He's like a little brother to me.

And, in case you were wondering if I'm still handsome...
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This may be a dumb question

OK, it's almost certainly a dumb question. But the memories aren't helping me, so here we go!

Do crocheted dreads tighten up like backcombed or rip-and-twisted ones do? I see people here saying if you crochet them that you have to crochet them all the time. Is that just to keep them neat, or because they won't tighten up on their own?

Thanks! I've been wondering about this for a couple of weeks now.

and so this is it,

So I've been lurking on and off for what seems to be five thousand years, just perusing the memories and all of the stunning pictures and stories everyone shares (and as of late the not so pretty argument bonanzas)
anyways, I've looked through the memories, focusing predominantly on the natural hair section (if anyone remembers anything useful and wishes to post a link that would be magnificent), and still am left with a question:

I have very very very curly hair, ridiculous, monsterous, eat pony tail holders and anything it can grab on to hair. It has a tendency to dread on its own, and when I mean dread, I don't mean a few knots here and there, it looks like i backcombed in parts. As a swimmer in the midst of a swim season, I don't want to do anything to it right now, rather wait until February, but now... moving from this long winded intro, here's my question, will sectioning and backcombing be weird with parts that already have established themselves as little knotty ropes (this generally happens at the back of my neck) and then loose hair? I know this sounds incredibly vague and riddled with run-ons, but i just have this inkling that it would be sort of strange/not work as well to try and backcomb silkier hair with these bizarre pseudo dread babies.
Hopefully you guys will understand what I'm asking, if not well i dont know, ignore this i suppose!
Happy Monday
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