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Dreads as a Scrapbook [01 Dec 2009|12:34am]
I've always seen my dreads as a timeline of myself. This is only verified by how I've come to use them as a scrapbook. Important people and times in my life make their way into my dreads in some way or another.
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deep clean = breakage [01 Dec 2009|04:48pm]
Hey guys just wondering if anyone has run into this problem at all... a couple of days ago i had to undo one of my dreads to combine it into another.
Now when i did this the dread just crumbled into dust, from the outside it was fine just too thin for my liking but on the inside it was as if i had left bleach on my hair and all the protein had broken down. Could it be possible that doing a deep clean could cause this, i haven't bleached my hair since i started my dreads 10 mths ago.
i've only ever done two deep cleans and the second one was done today and i noticed i'm about to lose the end off another dread because of the same problem has anyone got any ideas as to why this may be happening
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[01 Dec 2009|08:51pm]

The hawk is my new favorite style...
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2 months! [01 Dec 2009|10:10pm]
My Thanksgiving was fairly uneventful. I had an hour to eat dinner with my family before flying back to SF. My family's not totally down with the hair, but both my mom and my grandma bought me beads :D I thought it was cool they did that even though I know they don't like them. As expected I got made fun of by my uncle a lot but at the end he told me "Well, I'd rather have dreadlocks than my hair at least"...He's an early balder ;)

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Pineapple Akimow... [01 Dec 2009|11:21pm]
..is my new nickname, so I do believe a pineapple photo is in order!

Aaaaand they continue to grow. They'll be 2 years this month which means I will soon be making a timeline :)
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