December 3rd, 2009

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baby dread update; kinda

Only recent image I have. Taken by the mister. My dreaddies are about 5-6 months old. it's been a time, I'll say that much. Somedays I like them, other's I want to shave my head. I'm waiting for them to be solid enough to extend about.. oh, 5-6 inches so I can pull them back. It'll be a while still.. But, meh.. No rush. I don't do anything to them. They are just always a mess. xP

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No more dreads :(

I decided I'd feel more confident interviewing for salons without messy baby dreads. I definitely want to start over with my dreads once i have a stable job though and maybe once my hair is longer :) I'm still going to be here drooling over everyone elses dreads though! I'll post a before and after pic once I'm done combing :(