December 4th, 2009

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18 months. A bit image heavy?

November 15 marked eighteen months.
I meant to post something, but I've been overwhelmingly busy lately.

I'm studying in Poitiers, France this year. It's been keeping me incredibly busy. The language, the culture, the city, the people. It's been an incredibly interesting mental and emotional journey, just being here, but also being here with dreads. I feel like I stick out, like people look at me. I know that with my accent and my linguistic skills I'm already feeling like something of an outsider. BUT. In the words of Eugène Ionesco:

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Surprise kitty

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My ropes are looking quite fantastic :) This magical 6 month stage is quite true-6 months will be on Christmas :)

Speaking of Christmas, I have a ton of cards, anyone in this lovely community interested in a Festivus card? I might even be able to toss in a little something something :) Email your addy to and I'll send one out to you asap :)
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i miss my dreads :'(

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they would have been two years in 4 days.
i really dont feel like myself without them. in fact sometimes i find myself running my hands through my hair expecting dreads to be there, sometimes i even forget that i dont have them anymore, until i look in a mirror. its a bit pathetic, maybe, but they meant a lot to me.
i wonder how they'd feel now, if they'd have more bumps and texture.. i wonder what new changes they'd have made and if those two monsters at my nape would have ate all my loose hair. i wonder if i would have had a growth spurt and had them touching my back, or if they would have shrunk up again and been fatter than they already were. instead of watching and feeling them make all those changes and advances, they sit in a box with my best friends hair, completely stagnant. waiting for my next set so they can be home again.
sometimes i panic thinking that i wont be able to start another set. maybe because they wont be professional enough, or maybe because as an adult i'll change, which honestly scares me to death.
in high school it was so easy to commit yourself to something out of the ordinary...not to say it isn't now, i just started stretching my ears--something i've desired since i was fifteen, and i see no reason why it would come off as unprofessional.
though who knows what the future has for me. its hardly about appearance, its hardly ever been about appearance. its more of a comfort thing, an "i like what i like" kinda thing.

hrmph. you're all beautiful. i'm completely and utterly envious. <3


I'm still working on my paper...15 pages written, bib sheet and index citations...everything needs editing. Kickin it old skool with APA Manual version sixpointoh...w3rd....

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Tomorrow Iz Gettin Hairs Did. lishd, if I do the chelsea fringe, I'll photograph the sectioning & the rest as you asked. I haven't decided what I'm going to do quite yet :D
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Hair Police are Corrupt

I had an appointment with the Hair Police today here in SF. I had heard some positive feedback said about them and really needed the maintenance. When I went to their site, I saw that they start their dreads with dread perms, which definitely skeezed me out a bit. I decided to have them work on my hair because they had come recommended by good people, so I put down the deposit and marked the date.

I read a post once from someone who got their hair flipped and didn't know
what was happening (maybe you all remember), and I was like "how the fuck
could you not know?" Well, now I do. The woman who did my hair just
wrapped the roots super tight with nylon string... that's it. First of
all, I never wanted to "band" my fucking dreads (they're mature), and
second of all, I was hoping she was somehow crocheting my loose ends into
the dreads, and third of all, I fucking could have done this myself for
cheap. WTF!

I wrote to Lish in a mad panic asking her if this is how maintenance is done because I have never had it done before. She informed me that this isn't good maintenance, and now I am left to take out all of these super tight knots from my dreads. I look freaking ridiculous. Really, can you imagine? I have thick , mature dreads pulled tight at the roots so I look like I have tied hair to my head. I am super bummed that I look like a weird doll's head, and pissed off that I put money towards this. I have already removed many bands, but there are dozens more to go. I asked the woman who did this to me when I should take out the bands. She said in a few months she will, and then put new bands in! Seriously!?!

I don't know about you all, but I cannot tell a hair professional that I don't like what they have done to my head, never could. I smiled, tipped her, and then freaked out at my apartment. I had to wear a hat on my date, a first date! I look really, really stupid. Why would mature dreads need to be banded at the roots? It is just lazy.

I'm gonna do now what I always do, and go to sleep soon in hopes that things will be better in the morning. Please be aware that the Hair Police did me a disservice to me, I have no idea if they do right by other people's heads. I hate to put people on blast like this, but this is unacceptable and I wish I had the balls to say so to their face. I mean no disrespect to the woman who did my hair, she is really nice, but this was not okay.
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