December 8th, 2009

Almost 2 Weeks... Shrinkage and Unruliness!

So, my mom and I dreaded my hairs on Black Friday! I have washed it once a week since then, and have back combed it. NO WAX, of course! Now my hair is shrinking and loosing its knotted look... is this normal progress? I guess I am concerned at how much they have shrunk for how young they are. Please, take a gander.

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The last is a photo from this morning- at almost two weeks. They seem to be doing something weird... losing their texture... and thinning out. I know shrinking is normal- but it seems like a lot. So, any comments or pointers? Am I totally screwing up?

Thanks all! I really appreciate it! -B

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baby hairs at hairline/breakage in specific places only?

I did some reading in the mems about loose hairs and the cloud of frizz effect, especially on young dreads, I know they are normal. I also know that almost everyone has the baby hairs at the hairline that are finer/shorter than the rest of the hair, and for me they just wont stay in dreads, maybe because they are so fine, maybe because they never seem to grow past a certain point. But what I was wondering is, has anyone noticed any issues with breakage being greater there? The short hairs have increased over the past 4 months to the point where I'm starting to think some of it is not just normal baby hairs, but breakage. They are *just* long enough that it looks like they broke off where the undreaded root hair ends and the dreaded part of each dread starts, like that's a weak point for them or something. About an inch to inch and a half long I guess. it goes all along my hairline down to right in front of my ears and it's getting worse. I don't understand why the hair would specifically break off on the front dreads only, I don't mess with them more than the rest, don't wear my hair pulled back (except once in a *great* while, maybe twice a month, I'll wear a stretchy t-shirt band when needing to look presentable for an appointment, for a short time) don't crochet or felt or root-rub or use bands, haven't processed them in ways different from the rest of my head, and yet it's only there, the further back dreads just have none of this at all. The front dreads are also skinnier than the back, which makes me think my front hair is just finer or thinner anyway, but that doesn't really explain all the short pieces that have cropped up. Anyone else experience this, and have any clue what causes it? The roots are also noticeably thinner on those dreads, thinner than when i started them - I'm guessing from the breakage or whathaveyou - and I'm a little worried that when the dreads grow the roots won't be strong enough to support the weight there and they'll all break off. Is this something I can expect time/patience to resolve, or is some kind of intervention needed? or is it just *my* hair and I just can't keep dreads there? Not really into the whole loose hair bangs/forelock look with dreads on me, but if this keeps happening I'm wondering if I'll have to do that (because I have NO plans to cut off all my dreads over this)
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earth first!

3 year (give or take!) old dreads on a 7 year old boy

lol. i posted these the other day when i posted my newly redded dreads, and only just discovered i posted them to my own journal. what a doofus. no wonder i got no responses lol. so, attempt #2. the pics don't show his dreads that well, but you get the idea!

3 year (give or take!) old dreads on a 7 year old boy

this is my 7 year old son and his hair. he chose to have dreads a few years ago so we stopped brushing his hair. they have formed completely naturally with very minimal assistance from me, and only when a massive beaver tail was forming! he still has quite a lot of loose at the front that doesn't seem to want to dread and we just leave it alone. his hair has never been cut. the white ends in the first pic are his baby hair. he is VERY proud of his hair, even though he constantly gets mistaken for a girl.
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i wish i had taken comparison pictures like this every month, but of course i lost interest.
i think my hair has grown a lot! i never palmroll or really do anything at all to it, is that bad? in the back underneath it's getting pretty messy, i wish i knew someone around here who could help me work on it. anyway, i'll make a bigger post when i hit the year mark in january!
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