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Having trouble growing natural dreads [10 Dec 2009|03:20am]
Quite ironic since the natural method is supposed to involve the least effort. I've read repeatedly online that the less often you wash your hair, the less your hair will produce oil, so you should gradually start washing your hair farther apart until it's only once or twice a week at most. Well whether I wash frequently or rarely, my hair seems to become incredibly greasy in less than a day. I avoid touching it, and I haven't used a comb or a brush in months, but my hair is so greasy that it's all slippery and won't begin to dread at all.

When I wash my hair, it shows its true natural nature. It becomes dry and wavy. I'm Italian so I have thick wavy hair. But for some reason, even shortly after shampooing, my hair becomes much straighter and completely greasy. The only way to keep it dry and wavy is to keep shampooing it, but it seems like that wouldn't really allow it any time to dread. I don't know what to do. I've though about wearing a wool hat all the time, but usually wearing hats just plasters my hair down and makes it greasy even quicker because it locks all the sweat ontop of my head.

I seriously haven't combed or touched my hair for almost a year now and my hair is just as plain and knot-free as it was on day 1. Any advice??
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Any Good Reads? [10 Dec 2009|10:36am]
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After reading through the memories I noticed there aren't any books listed. I was looking on Amazon- and I can't really find anything applicable to dreadlock care beyond the world of African, Nubian, and textured hair.

I did, however find a book that looked really interesting. It's by author Mary Reed-Johnson.
Has anyone read "The World of Dreadlocks: Beyond Maturity (Hair Is...)"? It looks really interesting. Here is a link to the amazon page.

Does anyone have any good loc-read suggestions?

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I'm signed off sick so have some hair :D [10 Dec 2009|11:21am]
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Maann I wanna henna these guys soon, maybe after a deep clean.

So what lies beneath my mature locks o:Collapse )
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[10 Dec 2009|01:22pm]
I took this photo 2 years ago. I know my hair doesn't grow as fast as other people's, but it's always interesting to go back and make comparisons and see how much they've grown, matured, tightened, fattened up and taken on a life of their own over the years. They're 3 1/4 years old now. (bare shoulders in the following pics)

Comparisons....Collapse )
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Wedding hair [10 Dec 2009|02:53pm]
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Hey there GUDU!

Haven't been around to post lately, but I wanted to share a couple of photos from my wedding in October. My dreads are 3 years, 9 months old.

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**EDIT- Let me just say how absolutely grateful we are at all these lovely comments from you guys. In this time of raging debate over who should be 'allowed' to marry, it means so much to have complete strangers wish us well. It's huge, and we really appreciate it. Dreadies are the best! ;-)

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Back in the UK.... [10 Dec 2009|07:05pm]
...from Goa after a month, I have so many pictures to share and Ive *gasp* run out of flickr space :O

I'm dying to do a massive GUDU post but i just havent got them all uploaded :/

Here me tanned, in Heathrow travelodge. Dreads 2.5 yrs old.

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