December 13th, 2009


Venting Post - Dread Depression

Ugh. My dreads are at the 1 month, two weeks mark and I'm having a rather angsty time of it lately. They lay kinda limp on my head and I feel like I don't have enough to look nice (dreadcount: 37). I know I shouldn't expect them to look amazing so soon, but telling myself that doesn't have much effect.

Also, they're all pretty thin except for a few in the back and my fuzz halo is just ridiculous. (Please tell me this fluff really does get sucked in?) I feel like I'm not fit to be seen. I do love my dreads and I'm glad that I did them, but the resentment is running a bit strong right now.
I know they aren't really knotted up yet, so they aren't very distinct, but it still really bothers me right now that when I stick my hair in a pony, you can barely even tell I have dreads where my hair is pressed against my head.

I suppose part of this might be nerves because my sister is coming to visit me for Christmas and none of my family has seen my dreads in person. (It doesn't help that she has always been the more 'put together' one appearance-wise.)

So here I am looking for any words of encouragement! I really, really don't want to resent my babies anymore. It's not a nice feeling, especially when I know I'm actually really happy I have them.

Help me get out of this funk!

Dread Dream

I know I just posted, but hey.

First off, I wanna thank everyone who gave me encouragements in my last post, I feel sooo much better now! Sometimes you just need to hear things from other people, you know? (Plus I took a long salt bath and treated my hair to a nice peppermint/tea tree/baking soda rinse and a proper blow dry and it did wonders!)

I just remembered, but last night I had my first dread dream! It's kinda exciting, but weird at the same time...

I dreamt that I was wandering around a supermarket for week looking for sugar cookies and my sister came to find me and take me home. On our way out of the store, we ran into two girls from college. In the dream I had apparently helped one of them do dreads around the same time as my own and we started cooing and comparing.

Suddenly, the other girl reached out and started fondling my dreads! I turned to her like lighting and slapped her down, yelling at her to never touch my dreads! Then I woke up.

This was seriously bizzaro, cuz a) I'm not a particularly violent person and b) I don't like sugar cookies enough to spend a week looking for them. :P

Perhaps I'm a little protective of my dreads at this point?

Anyone else have dread dreams recently? Do share!

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The hubby bought himself a snowmobile about a month ago. It's been late in coming to northern Vermont, but we finally have snow. We have 10 acres and there's also a ginormous field across the street to sled in.

(Edited to take out the part about my coat and my weight as some people misunderstood it as a justification and not as the statement I had intended it to be)

I promise that my head isn't that's just my HAIR that is that big!

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nerdy dog wtf

first time posting..

i have yet to make a post here with my babies so i figured it's about time. the pictures range from the beginning (jan08) to about spring of this year.

keep in mind i have messy dreads, but i love them that way :)

the birth of them:

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edit: ok i took a picture of how they look RIGHT NOW
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crayons, black sheep

Huzzah! I can have dreadlocks at last!

I am finally employed and the agency I work for is very open-minded. Piercings, tattoos and unusual hairstyles are all acceptable! WOO HOO!

I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and start my dreads now or wait a bit longer. It's the middle of summer and freaking hot so I tend to wear my hair up a lot (it currently reaches the middle of my back). So given the heat, who thinks I should wait for winter and who thinks I should say fuck it and go for it anyhow?

Anyone in Brisbane able to help me get started if I decide to go for it?
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