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[14 Dec 2009|04:11pm]
I didnt really understand the whole "loopy dread" phenomenon until I hit the 5.5 month stage-and now I have some really fun loops!
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[14 Dec 2009|06:53pm]
hello! well i am as of yet undreaded, but i've decided to start the process over my winter break. i stopped brushing my hair completely about a month or so ago, and since then it has been matting up on its own like crazy, and i love the look of dreads and have always wanted them. but i have always put it off for such reasons as school, lack of confidence, family, etc.

but i told my dad my plan, and all he had to say is "you know that's expensive right?" based on his students who have gone to a salon and spent an entire day getting dreaded (he mentioned that they were both black girls, whose hair would dread differently than mine). my boyfriend has known that i've wanted them, and i was pleased to hear him say the other day "you should definitely get dreads, i love girls with dreads. i don't know why, i just do." this made me even more excited to start the process, knowing that he would be supportive the entire time.

i've done a lot of research (read: read every memory in this community and googled extensively) and now i think i'm finally ready to do something i've been waiting to for so long. when i go in town, i'm going to have my hairdresser untangle the ridiculous knots that have taken form in the back of my head, so that i can properly section off my hair and begin the process of backcombing, etc.

here's a shitty camera phone picture of the insanity that is my hair today:

sorry for the crazed face, it just showed my hair better than any other picture i have. it's naturally curly and thick as hell, and i'm greatly looking forward to all this :D

ETA: the lack of brushing wasn't a conscious effort toward developing dreads so much as an adventure in laziness, but the more it progressed, the more i decided to just for it, since i've wanted dreadlocks for awhile. but as of right now, the tangles are just occurring wildly in my hair, and i'd like to have them separated in order to try to control the look of them, at least to start with.
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And to think I nearly brushed them all out! [14 Dec 2009|09:06pm]
The dreads at the front were annoying me, so I brushed 4 of them out so that I'd have some nice smooth hair to frame my face... only I loved it so much, I thought...oooh, shall i keep going....??

I very nearly did too.

But very glad I didn't.

So really, this is just a fringe/bangs show off. I do love them!


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