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A year and a month is long enough to not change a thing. [17 Dec 2009|01:21am]
So I finally made a bit of a change.

Dyed them up a bit, yeah. And cut my bangs.

Here's before...

 The after shots... and a sad story. Collapse )
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[17 Dec 2009|05:01am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My dreads are about 4 months long in this photo. Wish I had a better photo of them. My baby is just a few days old. I just had to share the wonder of my new baby and show off my dreads in the process. This is Job Marcus Frost born on 12/9/09.




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Loopiness = looseness? [17 Dec 2009|08:58am]
Is it common/normal that when the first loopiness really sets in, dreads get looser? My first crazy loops appeared around the 2-month mark, about 2 weeks ago, and I feel like even the tightest dreads I had are loosening up now (to the point of some of the shorter ones in back falling out completely).

Help. I'm having a poor self-esteem day.
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so you think you can dance - top 6 [17 Dec 2009|01:09pm]

how hot is this guy? has anyone else been watching SYTYCD this season?

no spoilers in the comments, i only just watched the finale myself. :D
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DREADHAWK [17 Dec 2009|05:07pm]
12 gone, but they will not go to waste,
dread extensions here I come!
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