December 27th, 2009

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Hello again, I know I just posted not long ago. I promise this will be the last post for at least another two months. My dreads are about three weeks old and I just got home from Florida with the family! It was so nice and warm and breezy, then today I had to come home to the freezing cold Michigan =[ but anyways, I just wanted to post some pictures. My dreads on the back of my head are so tight at the ends its crazy, and some kinda feel like the are loosing up, but all in all the progress is going very very well. My family does not hate them either! I was scared what they where going to say, (because I didn't tell them) but most of them didn't say anything about it, and the ones that did just said, well thats different! so I am happy that they are not against my decision to get dreads!

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