December 29th, 2009

Surprise kitty

Holy Crap, great discovery

I make a lot of jewelry and such, and I need to pick up some minor supplies, so I figured I'd browse to see if they have what I need before I waste my time making a trip there, and what did I discover? THEY SELL FELTING SUPPLIES! The needles, the starter kits, the felt in varieties of color, etc! So, if you ever wanted to felt your dreads, you have a place to go besides the expensive needlework store around the cornor-or in a different state if your me. <----direct link to their needlework craft page if you dont feel like hunting.
And to comply with the rules:
My dreads, while I make a goofy face, and probably the first time anyone has seen just how epic my chest is...yea, I know. They're big. I'm thinking about getting a zip code for them.